Live Show in Bruxelles: 24th May


I am happy to come back to Sauna 3000 in Bruxelles, Sunday May 24th in the afternoon for a hot party, many surprises, and a hot sex show with pornstars Joey Pele and Pedro Diaz!

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« DOCTOR FOX » Medical Series, Episode2: « A young patient subject to a vicious and manly doctor »



In this second episode of the series « Doctor Jordan Fox », our beautiful doctor will examine the young Baptist, 18. The increasingly aggressive Jordan made suggestive comments throughout the apointment and will of course lead the patient to get naked to examine him in depth. Baptist protests and tries to resist but Jordan Fox’s patient will be strapped to the table! Palpation of the testes, penis and observation of rectal examination are scheduled. 

A young sexy patient undergoing a vicious doctor. Hard fuck , deep throat, slapping, spitting and sodomy plus hardcore scenes make this an exceptional moment for lovers of medical fetish and « man on twink » porn! Over 40 minutes of intense sex, Not to be missed!



You can watch the VIDEO TRAILER here:



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« Un jeune patient soumis à médecin vicieux et très viril »

Dans ce deuxième épisode de la série « Docteur Jordan Fox », notre beau médecin va ausculter le jeune Baptiste, 18 ans. De plus en plus vicieux, Jordan fait des commentaires suggestifs tout au long de l’examen et va bien entendu conduire son patient à se mettre nu pour l’examiner en profondeur. Baptiste proteste et tente de résister mais Jordan Fox qui à l’habitude des patients récalcitrants va alors le sangler à la table ! Palpation des testicules, observation du pénis et toucher rectal sont au programme.

Un jeune patient très sexy soumis à un docteur vicieux. Baise hard, gorge profonde, claques, crachats et sodomie violente font de cette scènes un moment d’exception pour tous les amateurs de fétichisme médical et du style « man on twink ». Plus de 40 minutes de sexe intense, à voir et revoir absolument !

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Bande annonce:

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41 39 36 32

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« DOCTOR FOX » Medical Series, Episode1: « An 18 years twink examined by a nasty doctor »


Discover the new Medical Series  » DOCTOR FOX » produced by French Twinks


Jordan Fox as a perverse doctor working in a high school

01 (1)


« An 18 years twink examined by a nasty doctor »




all medical fetish here: #doctor #medical #fetish  #twink #school doctor #high school #examination #DRE #rectal #temperature #18 years #latex gloves


« Dr. Jordan Fox, the school doctor at a high school in unusual manners as an appointment today the young Thomas, a boy of 18 years of devastating charm. Dr. Fox examines his patient in underwear and with a vicious smile on his face as he begins to feel his abdomen. Dr Fox will push his examination to the limits while he takes the rectal temperature of Thomas, he cancontrol the excitement on face seeing this little pink hole, all naturally dilated. »



« The evil doctor’s rectal examination develops quickly as he slips into a deep fingering with Thomashaving much choice on what happens next, being a docile twink with his cute face, dominated by the doctors abusive authority. The doctor takes out his monstrous cock from his trousers and inserts it into the mouth of Thomas before sodomizing him with incredible power on the examining table. Our international star Jordan Fox who takes on the role of doctor with us for the first time takes on the part making an incredible performance that will end with a sublime facial. »

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« Un minet de 18 ans ausculté par un médecin pervers »


Le Docteur Jordan Fox, médecin scolaire dans un lycée aux moeurs peu ordinaires ausculte aujourd’hui le jeune Thomas, un garçon de 18 ans au charme ravageur. Le Dr. Fox pratique les examens d’usage sur son patient en sous-vêtements et un sourire vicieux se dessine sur son visage lorsqu’il commence à lui palper l’abdomen. Le Dr. Fox va pousser l’auscultation de plus en plus loin et alors qu’il prend la température rectale de Thomas, il ne peut plus contrôler son excitation face à ce petit trou rose et naturellement bien dilaté.

Le docteur pervers pratique un toucher rectal qui va rapidement déraper en un doigtage en règle et ne laissera pas le choix à Thomas que de se montrer docile face à son autorité abusive. Le médecin sort alors sa queue monstrueuse de sa blouse et l’insère dans la bouche de Thomas avant de le sodomiser avec une puissance incroyable sur la table d’examen. Notre star internationale Jordan Fox qui incarne pour la première fois le rôle d’un médecin se prend totalement au jeu et réalise une incroyable performance qui se terminera par une sublime éjaculation faciale. »


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Jordan Fox in  » MEET THE MEAT » DVD



Cast: Jimy Fix, Jordan Fox, Bruno Bernal, Mickey Taylor, Nathan Gear, Tony Thorn, Blue Bailey, Frank Valencia, Aaron Steel, Bruno Fox

« Spicy sausages, steaming slabs of pure beef and lots of uncut pork. 100% organic and smothered in…cream! Straight boy Paul Walker has his feet worshipped by able sub-boy Bruno Fox, whilst newbie Bruno Bernal (cute as a button) strokes out a huge load as he watches strapping Jordan Fox smash, reluctant (and soon to be a sopping ruin) Jimy Fix. Staxus model Mickey Taylor is a cute lad with a very big, uncut dick – his sub-slut lad Nathan Gear is very willing, pushing back and begging for more, what a cock-whore! »


« You’ll savor the 100% organic slabs of Grade-A beef and uncut sausages in ‘Meet the Meat!’ Straight guy Paul Walker has his feet worshipped by able sub Bruno Fox. Bruno Bernal strokes out a huge load as he watches strapping Jordan Fox pound Jimy Fix. Mickey Taylor is a cute lad with a very big, uncut dick—fortunately his bottom sub Nathan Gear is very willing to take that cock and beg for more! Aaron Steel pleads for every inch of Frank Valencia’s thick, veiny, uncut pork sword, and Frank shows off his endowment by shooting spurt after spurt of cum onto Aaron’s back. Tony Thorn, hairier and sexier than ever, powerfucks Blue Bailey who eagerly opens wide for a mouth of stringy, steaming sperm. These horny lads love showing off, and you’ll have a close-up view of every tight hole, steamy cum, and throbbing cock in ‘Meet the Meat.’ »


To watch the trailer:



Order the DVD here:

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Happy Easter!


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Sex show in Bourges 4 th March 2015


Retrouvez moi samedi 4 avril a Bourges au Sauna de la gare pour un show de Paques tres hot!


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« Ostern & Eiern Sexshow » 28.03 in Freiburg



Männer sind wie Osterhasen: intelligent, charmant und sexy. Aber wer glaubt schon an den Osterhasen? Ihre Sauna RG1 beweist es !! Osterhasen gibt es wirklich !!!!

Les hommes sont comme les lapins de Pâcques : intelligent, charmant et sexy. Mais qui croit au Lapin de Pâcques ?? Votre Sauna RG1 est là pour vous le prouver !!! Il existe vraiment !!!!
Mit:: Ehrik Ortega, Carlos Leao , Jordan Fox und Fickhase
Hot sex+ candies and chocolates galore


Der FICKHASE kommt bald im Sauna RG1…tabulos und versaut, er lebt nur fur Sex und Spass… bientot au sauna RG1 ce chaud lapin sans tabou et vicieux accro au sex….28 Marz im Freiburg

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Ranked among 20 Best Pornstars of 2015


The British Magazine Dirty Boyz unveiled the ranking of « THE BEST PORNSTARS OF 2015″…and i am ranked 18! in the top 20 with the biggest names of the porn industry! Amazing! This is the recognition of my years of hard work in gay porn, my first thoughts are for my fans with are with me and support me for years
Complete ranking on:

10309600_742385385814319_3809045728844731543_ntop - Copie

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Jordan in Haiti


Lets visit this unsual destination, Haiti


« Statue du marron inconnu » , commemorating the history of slavery, in Port au Prince, the capital


The statue of Toussaint Louverture, the national hero of independance, and beyong, what used to be the National Palace, completely destroyed after the earthquake of 2010


Port au Prince is now under reconstruction  after the terrible earthquake of 2010


Walking around Port au Prince, a very lively city. Despite the high povertu rate and the bad reputation, still a safe city


The national languages are French (it used to be a French colony) and French Creole, understandable by French speakers


Haiti shares the mountainous island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic


In Jacmel, the cultural capital of Southern Haiti


Jacmel used to be a rich port of trade, and keeps remains of its glorious past


And of course, as everywhere in the Caribbeans, beaches in Haiti are amazing!


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Watch live the shooting of my next movie!!!


Watch me on my new shooting! Tomorrow I will play a perverse doctor for a new porn movie! Don’t miss anything of what happens on the set thanks to a webcam, watch it for free on

It is tomorrow , Monday 9th March, from 11 am (French time), see me fucking a hot 18 years old twink!!!

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